It takes wisdom, courage, and compassion to serve a weary world. You’ve got the heart for it. Everylight wants to help you find the understanding and strength you need to work patiently and persistently for good. Together we can change the conversation!

Everylight is a ministry on a mission to create a world of encouragement, one conversation at a time. We want to develop a cultural context for healthy conversations so that we can discover the tipping point of global cooperation; the moment of critical mass that makes helping more rewarding than hurting.

Who are the people and what are the circumstances we need to reward generosity and minimize sabotage? We suspect that just 10% more kindness and 10% less cruelty could move us from a people described by violence and aggression to a people known for our playfulness and generosity.

Everylight offers you wisdom, encouragement, and belonging so that you can thrive and help others to thrive.

‍‍‍For the first time in human history, humanity has the skills, the resources, and the experience we need to unleash our capacity for greatness. Now w‍‍‍e need to put it all together and support each other in the process.

Linda Arnold, Teacher

“I look forward to your posts. They are a little meditation where I take time to breathe and reflect. “

New Here? Here's More About What We Do

Wisdom – We help you see the wealth of wisdom around you by sharing our own insights, illuminating the wisdom in the world, drawing attention to your own inner guidance, and facilitating healthy conversations.  

Encouragement – We offer our understanding and presence to support your boldest vision, deepest connections, and most creative solutions.  

Belonging – Through conversation and collaboration, we give you a place to belong, thrive, and transform Everylight with your presence.

You may be wondering,"Does Everylight support my values in pursuing its mission?"

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