• Your story is a paragraph about why your project is important to you.
  • Your target audience is the first group of people you will reach out to.
  • Your team will include partners, mentors, experts, books, websites, and an Everylight liaison.
  • Your brand is three words that guide your project, the one-sentence message you want the world to understand, and the hook that people can get excited about.
  • Your niche is what makes your project unique and what makes you qualified to lead it.

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“I think I’ll get this tattooed on my body.”

“Yes Rebecca, a wonderful reminder.”

“Thanks…your posts are such a blessing.  God seems to assist you in sending them to me at the perfect time.”

“You are amazing Reba! Thank you for sharing!”

“Thank you for this guidance.”

You want to thrive and help others thrive. People get mad because you expect them to change. It’s so discouraging! You deserve to be supported with wisdom and encouragement for your presence in our world.  You need antidotes to the messages of fear and shame that surround you. We’ve helped thousands respond to stressful circumstances calmly and confidently and want to help you too.

Another Way of Thinking

Our publications give you words of wisdom and joy while making space for reflection and challenging you to think outside of your comfort zone.

"The mutual encouragement that flows through the group within the Everylight framework makes building consensus not only possible but desirable.  Everylight and Reba make me feel strong, centered and capable of anything.” – Muir Davis

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Publications, Conversation and Collaboration:

Making it easier to do good stuff!

The Enneagram, the Beatitudes, and the Nine Arts of Healthy Conversation™

This PDF is full of insights and questions for spiritual growth and small group discussion. It’s rich enough to sustain a nine week series.

Suggested donation - $10

Ten Minutes of Hope

This short PDF will help individuals and small groups visualize global cooperation.

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Just One: A Journal of Unlimited Living

A book of mystical poetry by Reba Herder, our founder, with questions to help you access your inner wisdom.

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Download Just One: A Journal of Unlimited Living

Download Ten Minutes of Hope

Download The Enneagram, the Beatitudes, and the Nine Arts of Healthy Conversation™

Heroic Visionaries Wanted

Making a Home for Creative Ideas and Big Projects


Your contributions support these services that are offered freely to all. Without you, we can’t continue.  So open your heart, consider what you have to give, and make a donation that feels good to you.  Suggestions are listed so that you can see what Everylight needs to keep going and reach out to the marginalized.

  • Your source of funding may be volunteering, grants, or donations.

Your project idea should include your story, your niche, your target audience, your brand, your source of funding, and the team you're working with.

Healthy conversation is something you need to practice in order to learn.

Join the Conversation!

Group coaching can support you as you learn and practice skills of healthy conversation in the midst of life’s challenging situations.  

We’re currently raising money to start offering group coaching by phone. Sign up for our newsletter to find out more details as they are available.  

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Heroic visionaries are invited to collaboratively develop creative projects with us that encourage vitality and respect.