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A Prayer for Global Cooperation

We are bound by our common humanity.  

May we unite in a spirit of cooperation.

May we be guided by compassion and inspired by silence.

May our differences strengthen us and our playfulness energize us.

May our wisdom transform us so that our generosity can fill up the world with the light of joy.

And together, we can celebrate a new dawn for all creation.

In a spirit of wonder, we pray, May it be so.

is that we do not need to approve of one another in order to cooperate, but we must be able to cooperate in order to survive and thrive.

Our belief

is to look for the miracle and the mystery in each person and in every moment.  

Our worship

is to listen to and magnify the still small voice within us and within our world.

Our prayer

is to stand up for yourself without putting others down.

Our rule

About Our Director

I’ve taught in a variety of public and private school settings in the US and Ethiopia for almost two decades.  I’m an experienced conversation facilitator, trainer, and coach who’s helped thousands respond to stressful circumstances calmly and confidently.  

I earned a degree in Religion, a California teaching credential, Training in Ministry Certificate, and the Enneagram instructor’s certificate from Don Riso and Russ Hudson.

It breaks my heart to see the damage that toxic conversations cause.  I believe humanity is capable of so much more.  I’m passionate about working together to create cultures of healthy conversations that encourage each of us to thrive at home, at work, and in our world.

I’m Reba Herder, a certified Enneagram instructor, credentialed teacher, and mother of two adult daughters ordained to the ministry of prayer and peacemaking in the Church of the Brethren.  I’ve been leading conversations since I was a teenager on the youth cabinet in my congregation.  

About Everylight

Everylight is an expression of Reba’s faith experience based on the teachings of Jesus, to love God with your heart soul and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself.  These two simple commandments would create a world of encouragement if we could live them out with vitality and respect.

Everylight began in 2002 as a ministry of global cooperation through mutual encouragement.  It was formed with the idea that we could talk to each other instead of kill each other.  We didn’t know how toxic some conversations could be. We discovered why conversations can hurt, and how they can help.  We discovered the power healthy conversations have to heal, energize, and inspire.

Everylight is a non-profit, tax exempt organization run by a board of directors. Our founder and director is Reba Herder.  

Now we’re a ministry on a mission to create a world of encouragement for each and all of us.  






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