Peacemakers and mavericks want to live where people are accepted for who they are. You don’t want to change anyone or make them feel uncomfortable, but bridge building and originality mix things up. Transforming the world around you is a heroic task.

  • You look for ways to connect with others but they want you support their projects instead of your own.

  • You offer a creative solution but your community doesn’t want to adjust.

  • You look for a place to belong but discover unrealistic expectations.

Paying attention to people who energize you will help you create a community that is as unique as you are. You don’t have to choose between authenticity and belonging. The world needs your vitality and respect. You can count on Everylight’s encouragement!

You can change that.

You can get support right now.


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Compassion starts to feel more like competition than collaboration!

Prayer and wisdom can help you connect to others without draining your energy. Finding the tribe that needs all that you have to offer can help you develop sustainable ways to serve a weary world.

Tired of carrying the world on your shoulders?

It can be overwhelming. You want to help people thrive, and you get criticized for demanding change. You focus on your circle of influence, but you can’t ignore the violence and ignorance around the globe. People tell you not to care so much, or do so much, but your heart demands action.

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